Who runs this place?

ORDINARY + Blonde is the brainchild of a New Zealand mum who wanted to share her international buying experience with the rest of us!  She realised, from her own experience in the industry, that buying the latest trending items doesn't have to be expensive or difficult.  You just need a bit of knowledge, some great contact's and an eye for style!


How Does This Work?

At ORDINARY + Blonde we like to be completely transparent with our customers.  In order to bring you the coolest, latest fashion items at such an amazing price, we have to make some sacrifices.  One of those sacrifices is time.  It might take up to a month to receive your purchases.


The other sacrifice is that, here at ORDINARY + Blonde, we spend a huge amount of time sourcing items at great prices.  We source these products from all over the world.  If you purchase more than one item, it could be that those items are sent to you separately.


And the very last sacrifice that had to be made is that you can't order more than one of each item (so if you want a size small and medium in the same item, you'll need to make two separate purchases).  This is the only way that we could keep our shipping as free, I hope you understand :-)


If you have any questions about this, please contact us at: